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Smart Home Automation Ideas and Technologies for Smart Home Owners 2019

Best Home Automation Products - What Can we Automate at Home??

People who are planning to go with home automation, possibly wonder three things:

  • What should be automated?
  • How much do I need to invest?
  • How to achieve the settled target?

And, hopefully, you are also wondering for something similar to this. Therefore reviewwide sharing with you some awesome things.

Every body wants to change their life styles but they don’t know how to do it. So in this regard i can help you some great info about automated products and how to use them perfectly.

Well, with the crazy inventions in the category of technology that covering the prior two decades, producing a smart home has become an achievable goal for the people out there. Probably, 6 out of 10 people want a smart home, in which they can build their different categories to enhance the beauty and structure of the house.

And of course, as we know that a smart home belongs to a residence including a mixture of interconnected devices offering different actions to further save your time, energy and money.

However, the actual concept of having a smart home or using the best home automation ideas has been around us since the 90s, but it is also true that it has been mostly something which can be used by rich people only, or maybe to those people who are thoughtfully toward the tech scene.

But what if we say that you can create your own smart home within your budget while following these best home automation products which are packed with the newly invented devices and technology.

Top 8 Best Home Automation Products

So, here ( we are with the latest ideas of home automation by which you can make your home a new smart home packed with fully improved and advanced interconnected devices.

1. Home Security in/out door CCTV Camera:

With this new invention for the safety of people inside the house and as well as outside ones is a crucial device for everyone. To convert your place into a smart home, you need to start building a home security CCTV camera outside the house. However, this is the perfect home automation system for you which allow you to see the things outside your house, which saves your entire residence as well.

home security CCTV camera - BEST HOME AUTOMATION IDEAS 2019
Home Security in/outdoor CCTV Camera


Check some best in/out door CCTV Camera

2. Choose The System Of Smart Garage Door Closer:

Yes, this system can be a helpful step for you to keep your property safe and secure. This kind of smart home gadgets will allow you to operate them with the help of an application or through voice control.

The smart garage door closer comes with the WIFI connectivity compatibility with your smartphones so that you can close or open the door remotely. And of course, some of them have come with the feature of voice control, by which the door will be closed and open after hearing your voice.

And you can use your android or i phone, there are many well known apps which can helps you in this manner. One of the most famous app is MyQ Smart Garage Control just search it on google play store and download it. Only 1 thing is bad in this app i just saw this review on play store.

App works and functions as expected, but Chamberlain themselves are terrible. The fact that they are charging a subscription price to integrate with Google is so stupid. Instead of worrying about the couple extra dollars they make off of subscriptions, they need to look at the return rate of all the people that saw the fee and simply return the product. Its a rip off. Sad too because the product is fine and does what its supposed to do.

Now i am worrying how they can charge monthly subscription for just opening or closing our own garage doors. This is some thing really ridiculous. Otherwise every thing is fine with this app.
smart garage door closer - Best Home Automation Ideas
Choose The System Of Smart Garage Door Closer

Check Best Smart Garage Door Closer

3. A Smart Air Purifier Should Be Your Companion:

A smart air purifier purifies and cleans the air around you same as a normal air purifier. However, with this smart technology, you will be able to see the real-time feedback and as well as further control the overall air purifier and the environment of your indoor area.

Thus, the best air purifier is very helpful to those pet owners to easily maintain the fresh environment inside the house and keeps the germs away from settling onto the cough or furniture.

Smart Air Purifier Should Be Your Companion - Best Home Automation Ideas
A Smart Air Purifier Should Be Your Companion

4. Don’t You Know About Wi-Fi Programmable Thermostat/temperature controller?

So, to start with the build-up home automation ideas, don’t forget to list down this WIFI programmable thermostat/temperature controller. This is a very important device for you by which you can easily control the overall temperature of the house through your smartphones.

However, this electric heating thermostat can easily be able to control motorized ball valve, thermal valve, motorized valve, heater, solenoid valve, electric heating crystal, electric heating film, and electric under-floor heating.

Programmable Thermostat/temperature controller - Best Home Automation Ideas
Programmable Thermostat/temperature controller
Check Best Thermostat/temperature controller

5. Why Don’t You Go With The Home Security System?

To start with the home automation process, a home security system is the most common thing which people started to upgrade their homes. Well, this smart system will properly protect your entire house while showing the real-time performance and any disturbance appear at the moment you are not even at home.

However, the concept behind this home automation system is to protect the property wisely while informing the user timely. These home security systems have built with different types of sensors and motion sensors which detect unwanted happenings in the house.

Why Don't You Go With The Home Security System? - Best Home Automation Ideas
Why Don’t You Go With The Home Security System?

6. This Smart Door Lock Is A Must To Have Installed:

The smart door lock system is something which you can’t ignore it at the time of home automation. The smart door locking system has built with the latest and advanced features that will further offer a sophisticated “access control” facility to your home or even your business.

Well, this system usually built with the Proximity sensors such as Bluetooth and NFC by which enable the door to unlock or lock whenever your authorized smartphone approaches easily.

Smart Door Lock - Best Home Automation Ideas
Smart Door Lock Is A Must To Have Installed
Check Best Smart Door Lock

7. We Recommended This Home Security Video Doorbell System:

Doorbell cameras can play a vital role and as a key component to your modern home security system. However, with the help of the home security video doorbell system, you can able to make your first line of defense and protect your property wisely.

Well, they work like a CCTV camera in which when someone presses the doorbell, then you will automatically be able to see the person’s face through the video process. This can save people from getting into any troubles or severe problems.

Home Security Video Doorbell System - Best Home Automation Ideas
Home Security Video Doorbell System
Check Some Best Door Video Bells

8. Wireless Motion Sensing LED Nightlights- You Need To Know About This:

So, if you don’t know much about these smart home gadgets, then we would like to tell you that this is an important device for you to keep yourself active and monitor the house properly.

With these wireless motion-sensing LED nightlights, there is a kind of motion detect sensor built-in which immediately detects motion from the far away distance of 15 feet and activates the lights.

Although, the lights will be shut off automatically after 30 seconds just if there is no motion to preserve battery life.

Wireless Motion Sensing LED Nightlights - Smart Home Automation Ideas
Wireless Motion Sensing LED Nightlights
Check Some Best Motion Sensing LED Nightlights

NOTE: these home automation products ideas are so easy to install and comes with amazingly affordable rates, so that’s why you can easily go with the thoughts to start your home automation with these kinds of ideas.

Smart Home Automation Ideas for Smart Home Owners 2019
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Smart Home Automation Ideas for Smart Home Owners 2019
Actual concept of having a smart home or using the best home automation ideas and technology has been around us since the 90s.
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