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5 Best Small Window Curtains For Kitchen, Bath & Living Room

2019 Buyers Guide By Review Wide

We can understand your problems of having such long curtains that touch the floor and make your floor cleaning process toughest than ever. But, don’t you know that we have the best small window curtains for you after a lot of testing and collecting the reviews from housewives, we found these 5 curtains with their essential features and pros/cons.

So, check out our top 5 curtains which are best for your living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, as well as for kitchen windows. Although, these are gorgeous and Short Window Curtains that will easily fit on your place and gives you a fresh look.

Well, after so many searching’s, we have to come at this point that now we selected our top position small curtains for small windows which are “ay, Franco Disney, Mickey Mouse Cute Faces 63″ Inch Drapes 4 Piece Set”.

Yes, they are gorgeous enough to give your room a perfect new look. However, we have also gathered our other four curtains for small windows as well which are good enough at price range.

So, check out those small kitchen window curtains which are soft and provide you with excellent quality stuff. Also, these mini window curtains will give you a quick cleaning time on floors. As well as these curtains for short wide windows are new and trendy ways to decorate your house in these drapes for windows. Now, let’s move to the product which we gathered just for you, you will like them for sure.

Top Rated Small Window Curtains

DWCN Blackout Curtains Room Darkening Thermal Insulated Grommet Window Curtain for Bedroom Living Room

Small window curtains for bedroom and kitchen
Small window curtains for bedroom and kitchen

These short blackout curtains are the best choice for your living room. The richness of their quality will surely mesmerize for you while looking at them.

However, they can look good in small bathroom window curtains as they are shiny enough to give you a glossy look. Though, if you are still in doubt to what to apply in your kitchen or you don’t have any kitchen curtain ideas, then go with this one.

Key Features:

  • QUALITY/FABRIC: 100% polyesters made which is durable enough to provide you an outstanding look plus comfort.
  • SIZE: They are wide in 42″ and 63″ long (1-panel measurement). Perfect fit your bathrooms as well as perfect short curtains for the living room.
  • MANUFACTURER GUARANTEE: Each panel of a curtain is actually constructed including 6 anti-rust silvery grommets (1.6-inch of inner diameter).


With the help of a rod system, they will be easily fit on curtain rod pocket.


They are made mainly with a triple layer and as well as a heavy-duty fabric to provide a perfect blackout sleep further. They are suitable for bedrooms, kitchen, bathrooms, offices, as well as good for even as a small door window curtain.

Where to buy?

You can buy this product here, as also you can get a kitchen curtain for sale which is only for limited time of period.

  • High-quality fabric
  • Solid thickness
  • Polyester made
  • Perfect fit at anywhere.
  • Very Thin

People Also Ask These Questions about DWCN Blackout Curtains Room Darkening Thermal Insulated Window Curtain

How many panels does it come with?

Only 1 Panel.

What is the length?

There are different sizes available 42 x 63 | 1 panel, 42 x 84 | 1 panel and 42 x 95 | 1 panel.

Do this work well to insulate against cold?

These drapes do the work to insulate against cold, but the result is different due to different colors, the darker color, and the better performance.

What kind of backing is on the curtain? Is it easily washable?

Yes it is Washable. Use Cloth baking.

Does this really keep the room cooler?

Yes the curtains keep the sun out which keep the room cools.

Mickey Mouse Blackout Curtains

Jay, Franco Disney, Mickey Mouse Cute Faces 63″ Inch Drapes 4 Piece Set – Beautiful Room Décor Window Curtains.

short window curtains 2019
Mickey Mouse Blackout Curtains

So, this one is the high-quality fabric small window curtains which are good enough in your kid’s room. Just look at their sharp and vibrant colors as well as their thickness.

These bed and bath curtains are easy to use and merely give you more freedom to clean your floor easily without the need to drape up the curtains again and again.  However, they are easy to wash, and the fabric will stay sturdy after every wash.

Key Features:

  • FABRIC: made from polyester microfiber which makes the curtains breathable.
  • SIZE: in inches, the size of these curtains would be 84″ wide (total measurement of both panels) and 63″ long.
  • DURABLE: yes, they are durable enough that the curtains don’t fade up in sunlight as well.
  • CURTAIN ROD: yes, the curtains are coming with the 1″ of each panel curtain rods for a perfect locking system to your curtains.
  • BEAUTIFUL DESIGN: it’s just specially designed for those mickey mouse fans who love to have their favorite Mickey all the way in their rooms.


They have a rod pocket system which easily slides on your rod curtain.

BEST FOR nights and daylights, as the faces of Mickey on the curtains, can help to prevent lightning in the room.

Where to buy?

You can just buy this product here. Go and grab it before someone else does it.

  • Good fabric quality
  • Doesn’t fade up in sunlight.
  • They are not available in other colors.
People Also Ask These Questions about Jay, Franco Disney, Mickey Mouse Cute Faces Beautiful Room Decor Window Curtains.

Where is it made?

I believe they’re made in the UK.

Are these curtains white on the back?


How opaque are the curtains? How much would light come in when they are closed?

They definitely block sight, though some light does come through.

Does this curtain set come with the rod, or do I already have to have a rod?

You have to own or purchase a rod separately.

What size are they?

Each panel measures 42 inches wide and 63 inches long. the item comes with 2 panels.

How thin are the curtains?

They keep out just the right amount of light so your child can sleep in peace. Durable Polyester lasts long and does not fade in sunlight.

Are the curtains machine washable and tumble dry able?

Yes they are!

1 or 2 panels?

2 panels plus tie backs in the one parcel.

Is the 42'' for each panel or for both, actually making them 42x2 or a total of 84''?

Two panels can cover a standard sized window.

Are these good for blocking out the cold? Are they energy efficient?

These are not insulated and do an OK job of blocking the light.

Curtains For Short Wide Windows

DriftAway Thermal/Room Darkening Kitchen Window Curtains.

Another of the best curtains for short wide windows are here for you which are gorgeous enough to give your place a solid new and fresh look. These are merely looking best in those kitchen cafe curtains as they are small enough to cover a small window easily.

small curtains for small windows
small curtains for small windows

However, they are specially made of tripe weave fabric technology which helps to make the quality sturdy for a long time. So, next time when you are out of kitchen window curtains ideas, go for this one, and you will definitely notice the change.

Key Features:

  • FABRIC: 100% polyester, having tripe weave technology for further sunlight protection.
  • SIZE: 30″ wide and 36″ long (measurement for 1 panel).
  • DURABLE: durable enough and soft while touching the curtains.


They are rod curtains which merely put into your rod pockets.

Best for mostly kitchen, these are curtains for the small kitchen window.

Where to buy?

These highly rich quality curtains are available, get yours’s now…

  • Good in fabric
  • High manufacturing quality
  • Easy to use
  • Soft in touch
  • Rod hanging system.
  • It can only be fit in kitchen And Bath areas, no other rooms.
People Also Ask These Questions about DriftAway Thermal/Room Darkening Kitchen Window Curtains.

Is the color solid or a kind of water-ink like?

The color of these drapes has a subtle washing painting tone, leading a soft and elegant look, Will be perfect decoration for your living room, bedroom, etc.

Is 52 inch each panel or both panels together?

Each panel is 52″

Is the background color true white or has a gray tone?

The background color is true white. No gray tone, very clear. Thanks!

Are these thermal alone or only with a liner?

I believe they are just thermal. They block light pretty well. Very soft!

Is the pattern on the front and back or is there a lining?

It’s just white on the back. It’s all one piece of fabric so there’s no lining but it is still a nice heavy fabric.

I want to use these for our living room, can you see through them at night?

No. You may be able to see a shadow if you are right up against curtain.

Curtains For Small Kitchen Window

Drift Away Isabella Faux Silk Embroidered Kitchen Tiers, Embroidered Crafted Flower.

These gorgeous drapes for small windows are thick enough to give you a beautiful looking area in your house. However, they are available in many different sizes according to your needs.

curtains for small kitchen window
kitchen window curtains ideas

Though, in that size, these can be suited to the bathroom window curtains for small windows. Also, these curtains can easily be fit in your kitchen areas, small windows. The curtains are beautifully embroidered wonderfully that it will surely create a new looking impact in your house.

Key Features:

  • MADE FROM: 100% polyester, soft and supple in touch, linen with microfiber technology.
  • SIZE: they are available in many sizes, but these small window curtains are 34″ wide and 36″ log (1-panel measurement).
  • DESIGN AND QUALITY: Timeless stitched floral design on an embroidered faux silk material, with a sparse sheen that elegantly reveals the light.

BEST FOR: They are the best curtains for small kitchen windows and other small windows like a bathroom, living room, etc.

  • CLEAN WITH: Dry-cleaner, that would be the best option as they are embroidered curtains and need special care.


These are rod pocket slides curtains which can go onto the curtain’s rod smoothly.

BEST FOR kitchen and other small windows like a bathroom, living room, etc.

Where to buy?

You can order these curtains by clicking below button, they are available in various sizes.

  • Good manufacturing quality
  • Perfectly fit on small windows
  • Polyester made
  • Linen with microfiber
  • They are not dark, light can be reflected through it.
People Also Ask These Questions about Drift Away Isabella Faux Silk Embroidered Kitchen Curtains

Are they thermal panels?

Isabella curtain is a double layer curtain. The lining will help to keep a better room temperature.

I want to put these curtains in between the bedroom and bathroom. Are they see-thru at all? Or are they private?

They pretty good. I have them in my bathroom window.

Does it have a valance?

Not in every size, but, there is a valance, you have to choose the 60″x18″ option.

I'm trying to match these up with a teal blue decor. Will they match? What kinds of blues are the flowers?

Colonial blue lovely curtains well made.

How big is the pocket for the curtain rod? Need to know what size rod to buy?

You can use a standard rod.

Can you see through them. Can you use them on sliding doors in bed room?

They are lined curtains and you cannot see through them.

Are these truly room darkening?

These floral panels are not totally blackout style. But they have lining, which will help to filter a good amount of light and provide enough privacy.

Do these have any tie backs?

No they don’t. I do highly recommend these curtains however. They are quite beautiful and the quality is excellent!

Does this item come with both the valence and the tiers?

No, these two are separate items.

Are they machine washable?

Yes, But carefully.

Best Blackout Curtains For Bedroom

Room Darkening Thermal Insulated Blackout Grommet Window Curtain for Living Room, Aqua, 52×63-Inch,2 Panels.

These are thermal insulated blackout curtains for bedroom window which suits well on your doors as well as other room windows. However, the curtains are made of microfiber technology that will give you a breathable atmosphere, when the curtains are closed as well.

best blackout curtains for bedroom
Best Blackout Curtains For Bedroom

These curtains will surely give you a velvet type feeling when you touched them. They will be a good fit in your rooms, where you need a complete blackout while sleeping.

Key Features:

  • DESIGN: 2 panels will be coming with the package; sleek velvet feel design which looks wonderful in any place.
  • STUFF/FABRIC: blackout microfiber fabric is thick and dark enough to provide you a complete blackout sleep. Washable easily with a machine (with non-chloride bleach).
  • SIZE: 52″ wide and 63″ long (measurement of both total panels).
  • QUALITY: perfect protection from UV sunlight rays so that you can get deep sleep every time.


Rod pocket slides which easily slides onto the curtain’s rod.

BEST FOR typically, anywhere, living room, bedroom, bathrooms, kitchen, etc.

Where to buy?

These curtains are available here, buy yours’s now and change your house look.

  • Great for day sleep timing
  • Prevent light coming to the room
  • Microfiber material
  • Machine washable.
  • They are high in price as compared to others.

[wpsm_highlight color=”yellow”]People Also Ask These Question About [/wpsm_highlight]

People Also Ask These Questions about Room Darkening Thermal Insulated Blackout Grommet Window Curtain.

How big are the grommets?

Inner diameter of grommet is 1.6″, fit well with standard or decorative curtain rods.

This item says 2 panels per package is this true?

Two Panels.

Do they have any curtains wider than 52 inches per panel?

Sorry, we don’t have wider size.

Noise reduction - how effective are they at it?

They are no more noise reducing than a normal curtain.

Is the coral/orange color true orange or more of a terra-cotta?

That color is Coral not Orange.

Does each panel measure 42 inches or do both panel in package equal 42 inches?

42 inch for each panel

What is the fabric like?

It’s soft and kind of silky on the outside. Durable on the window / inside

I need 4 curtains total. So do I buy 2 of these?

They come in pairs, so, two windows – one package for each.

Does it totally block out light. I have a shore condo and need for bedroom facing the security lights, etc.??

Yes completely- they are 100% perfect.

Is it machine Washable?

Yes machine washable, use only non-chlorine bleach when needed. Tumble dry low and warm iron as needed.


Small window curtains on amazon are the best choice nowadays to keep your house stay clean and looking fresh. These curtains are also provided many benefits like floor cleaning will be easy for us, we don’t need to hang up those large curtains again and again. So, in short, try these new short curtains and share your experience of using them with us.

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